Monday, 2 March 2015

Update and plans

My transcription tasks have taken longer than anticipated, but I have finally completed the two wills I recently received. I now have an idea for a transcription tool that would  (semi-)automatically scroll the original document in a frame/window while you type into a lower frame, with a highlight bar showing the line you are working on. I doubt this would be suitable for a web app, so it would more likely be a desktop app should I decide to move forward with this idea.

I have also been jotting down ideas for the real meat of my genealogy app. I am not yet ready to share details of what I have in mind, but the picture of what I want is solidifying. I find that when I picture a new project in my mind as a completed product it means I am on the right track - sometimes it comes to me in a dream where I am using the app and this is what happened to me a short while ago. I saw my app and how it worked. I want to mock something up tomorrow to make sure it feels right and also so I don't forget how I am currently picturing it.

Once I finish my mock app (which should only take a day or so) I can get back into my research log. I really want to get this finished and ready for testing before I move on to a research plan tool. The research plan and research log tools will work closely together as they are really both sides of the same coin. The sooner I finish these two tools, the sooner I can get started on the larger plan. 8^)

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