Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Back to it!

Due to a number of factors (family drama, health issues, etc) I had to put aside development of my genealogy log tool. Things have (mostly) settled down now, so I guess it is time to dust off the codebase and get cracking again.

First task off the rank - perform a code and technology review: have I chosen the right tools/platform for the genealogy log? I originally opted for a web-based tool, but would it be better to create a native iOS/Android app, with an optional web-based data store? This is a question I flip-flopped on for a while before I started and it is one I think I should revisit before I restart my development efforts. One of the key questions is whether or not users will have internet connections where they want to use the apps.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer an iPad/Android app (with the data being backed up to the cloud) or a web-based app that might not have so many bells and whistles?